Dance Vision Circuit Winners

Congratulations to the top winners of the 2021 Dance Vision Circuit! Despite complications from the COVID-19 Pandemic, these dancers have risen to the top to become the best in their category.

(Placements that are not listed mean the person(s) did not attend the Emerald Ball and/or did not qualify for their top award.)

Top Teachers

2. Dmitry Demidov
5. Rostislav Liduch

Top Studios

2. SuperShag
3. Dance Daly Ballroom
4. Edelweiss Premier Ballroom
5. Demidov Dance Studio

Top Pro/Am Bronze Gentlemen

  1. Less Antman
  2. Don Gingery 
  3. Brian Ames

Top Pro/Am Bronze Ladies

  1. Elaine Krieger

Top Pro/Am Silver Gentlemen

  1. Buck Lindsay (Sergiy Samchynskyy representing)

3. Less Antman

Top Pro/Am Silver Ladies

2. Christine Downs

Top Pro/Am Gold Gentlemen

  1. Sal Rodriguez (Alla Novikova representing)
  2. Scott Magnesen

Top Pro/Am Gold Ladies

2. Esperanza Chavez

Top Overall Multidance Latin Performers

  1. Luda Conti
  2. Elaine Krieger
  3. Natalia Zavodchikov

Top Overall Multidance Rhythm Performers

  1. Elaine Krieger

3. Barbara Renick

Top Overall Multidance Smooth Performers

  1. Elaine Krieger
  2. Barbara Renick
  3. Linda Gill

Top Overall Multidance Ballroom Performers

  1. Elaine Krieger
  2. Linda Gill
  3. Iris Tam