Top Overall Student/Student - Canadian Region

This leaderboard has been updated for the SERIES FINALE Emerald Ball (Dallas, TX & Virtual Pre-Recorded). Congratulations to all the winners of the 2019-2021 Dance Vision Circuit!

*** The start of the 2021 – 2022 Circuit Leaderboard will be posted soon ***

World RankingNameTotal Points
1Jean Denis Belec and Halina Sultani78
2Sebastian Kopec and Abigail N. Niedzwiecki65
3Rejean Goudreau and Claire Desmarais49
4Marco David and Dovile Ramanauskane48
5Leon Levizov and Daniella Pyne44
6Mark Tyo and Karen Tyo40
7George Muhic-Day and Rowena Muhic-Day38
8Daniel Campkin and Shannon Kuyt34
9Hai Tran and Bethany Quick30
10Remi Munger and Doris Fortin30
11Alexandru Ionica and Cadence Oatt26
12Robert Gunn and Helene Gunn25
13Razmig Nalbandian and Inna Guzema25
14Anthony Mancuso and Sophie Shvartsman25
15Adam Sears and Natalia Rzad25
16Peter Krug and Heike Krug24
17Luc Richer and Suzie Maille20
18Julien Leroi and Marie Anne Gauriat20
19Mateusz Cwalinski and Emily Stodolny20
20Omer Zamir and Phaedra Tettero-Crosby16
21Oleksiy Kioresku and Anastasia Kioreski15
22Michael Rubezin and Elise Magliocchetti15
23Max Firestein and Nicole Renee12
24Alan Xiaodong Ma and Pien Ling Tran10
25Patrick Buscu and Maria Cernat10
26Kevin Sun and Tatevik9
27Vladyslav Komelkov and Alexandra Sevastianova8
28Carsten Noethe and Victoria Salvera8
29Kristofer Kosarev and Sophia Tchourbanov4
30Lucas Daniels and Katia Jacoby4
31Arsen Arevian and Arsen Arevian4