Top Overall Student/Student - All Regions

This leaderboard has been updated to reflect points from:

  • Virginia State Dancesport Championships
World RankingNameTotal Points
1Travis McMurray and Erica McMurray283
2Matt Cary and Kathi Cary198
3John Hall and Natalia Zavodchikov192
4Charlie Allen and Dianne Allen160
5Douglas Montanus and Vera Saprounova156
6Mike Lynch and Rose-Ann Lynch130
7Patrick Datoc and Antoinette Datoc125
8Harry Rubash and Jeanne Couture80
9Bob Kniejski and Wini Kniejski64
10Juanito Mahinay Jr. and Nora Ravelo60
11Michael Booth and Melissa Booth58
12Lawrence Voelpel and Mary Jo Voelpel56
13Yevgenii Orlov and Florence Pierre52
14Brandon Keck and Kaylee Christensen51
15Dr. Robert Molt and Maria Celeste Perez50
16Andrew Sutherland and Elizabeth Sutherland48
17Carlie Coats and Jan Yarborough Coats48
18Jorge Mancebo and Jacqueline Babek46
19Carmine Rucco and Maria Bolyard45
20Dave Ambrose and Karen Ambrose44
21Ralph Nerette and Sun Jae Yoo41
22Bob Giordani and Brigitte Gerl40
23Tal Livshitz and Maya Dang40
24A. Scott Bell and Laura Oliver40
25Xingmin Lu and Katerina Lu40
26Sawyer Stolle and Serena Keck39
27Danylo Yanchyshyn and Dascha Wright30
28Matthew Adams and Emma Schwartzman30
29Robert McShinsky and Jenna McShinsky25
30Alexander Chernositov and Arina Grishanina25
31Chris Waterman and Bridget Fairchild25
32David Wang and Rebecca Suraci24
33Tal Livshitz and Ilana Keselman20
34Felipe Moltedo and Joan Ayap20
35Matthew Matusovskiy and Nicole Klavansky15
36Max Firestein and Nicole Renee15
37Yusuf Mihaylov and Elena Siminova15
38Chris Wedding and Jordan Mehta14
39Dave Firestein and Kennedy Eaton13
40Jaren Hopkin and Vashti Smith13
41Ron Garber and Klaudia Petriti11
42Jonathan Proescher and Lana Kazakevich10
43Eugene Lobko and Alla Zemlyak10
44Matthew Valentine and Mina Brunson10
45Tanner Cole and Savana Francia10
46Danny Zhelasko and Eva Tulchinsky9
47Blake Fox and Nicole Ascoine8
48Alexandre Filie and Uliana Andrianov8
49George Cometa and Amelia Wills6