Points Calculation & Rules

Please note: we do not calculate the points. The points come directly from the organizer. We will change your point discrepancies on review.

All competitions run differently and input all the data for each category differently as well; this is especially true in the Top Studios category. A lot of times, we will receive the data from the competition and input the results as is — this can result in a lot of misspellings and misinformation. Common mistakes include:

– Spelling errors
– Identified as being part of a studio when actually an independent instructor (and vice versa)
– First and Last names switched
– Each competition will label independent instructors as “(I)” or “independent”. You may be listed twice.

The Dance Vision Circuit Team will try to correct any known mistakes but some will slip past us.

If you are an instructor, please go over the Top Studios list to find your studio or name (Ctrl+F all possibilities) and please use the discrepancy form in the sidebar to get any and all corrections made.

One Day Events will receive 50% of point value of Multi-Dance Events if less than 2,000 entries danced and paid for.

Entry count will be based off the software final program as used in the NDCA report.



1st place: 8 points
2nd place: 7 points
3rd place: 6 points
4th place: 5 points
5th place: 4 points
6th place: 3 points
7th place: 2 points
8th place: 1 point

Each and every recall from preliminary rounds = 4 points.

Uncontested will be 1/2 of the original point total (example: if you dance in an uncontested single dance, you will receive 4 points instead of 8.)



1st place: 20 points
2nd place: 15 points
3rd place: 10 points
4th place: 8 points
5th place: 6 points
6th place: 4 points
7th place: 2 points
8th place: 2 points

Each and every recall from preliminary rounds = 5 points.

Uncontested will be 1/2 of the original point total (example: if you dance in an uncontested multidance, you will receive 10 points instead of 20.)



Based on the accumulation of the students as entered under the name of the studio

Bonus Points for additional students
2 = 100 points
3 = 200 points
4 = 300 points
5 = 400 points
6 = 500 points
7 = 600 points
8 = 700 points
9 = 800 points
10 = 900 points

(10 is the maximum)

Participation at any one of the Dance Vision Circuit Events will earn you points to determine your Ranking.

Awards for the Dance Vision Circuit will be given out as follows:

Thursday – Top Pro/Am American Rhythm & Smooth winners
Saturday – Top Bronze, Silver, Gold, Student/Student, International Latin & Ballroom students and Top Studio winners.

All winners from the Dance Vision Circuit are welcome to stay for the Grand Finale Saturday Evening Party after the Saturday Evening Session. 

To receive the prize money:

  • All students must compete at the Emerald Ball with 30 single dance entries or more in the corresponding styles and/or levels they are competing for. (Dances that make up Multidance and/or Scholarship events will also qualify as single dance entries in this case)
  • Teachers must compete at Emerald Ball with 125 pro/am entries to qualifyfor 4th – 6th place; 200 entries to qualify for 1st – 3rd. 
  • Studios must compete at the Emerald Ball with 225 pro/am entries to qualify for 2nd – 6th place; 300 entries to qualify for 1st.

Dance Vision is not responsible if the event(s) cancel or does not send in their scores.

Teachers competing in the series must have their NDCA dues up to date and posted on the NDCA website. If not, they will forfeit all winnings for themselves and their students.

– Any discrepancies in scoring or point accumulation must be reported in writing by using the Discrepancy Report Form on the website.

– Discrepancies must be filed no later than 30 days after the event posted date on the Leader Board. If not, points will not count. You can find the form on the sidebar on all leaderboard pages.

– We will not accept telephone calls, email, word of mouth, FaceBook or Twitter. It must be in writing using the Discrepancy Report Form on the website.

– Teachers and students are subject to forfeiture of all points and awards for unsportsman-like conduct, for each infraction.

– All discrepancies must be filed before the start of Emerald Ball Dancesport Championships. No discrepancies will be taken at the Emerald Ball Dancesport Championships.