Welcome to our Title Sponsor – Swarovski

The Dance Vision circuit is proud to have Swarovski as it’s Title Sponsor!

From Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe and Nicole Kidman to Madonna – Swarovski crystals have adorned uncountable costumes from the 1930s until today. Swarovski crystals is one of the paramount sources of inspiration for top designers whenever they need that extra glamorous sparkle that can be found nowhere else. Since 1895, Swarovski has shared its mastery of light and sparkle with the world. Inspired by the idea of making crystal accessible to more people, Daniel Swarovski patents an electric machine that cuts crystals more precisely than by hand. His vision was to use crystal “to create a diamond for everyone“, and his pioneering spirit and glass-cutting innovations help Swarovski continue his mission.

Making the best crystals in the world is our passion. With the widest range of colors, forms and sizes, the best durability you can find, and produced in a sustainable way.

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